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How does the newly opened Baidu love purchasing store operate? How can we have a large number of enquiries?
How should the newly opened Baidu love purchasing store operate? Many customers heard that love has a high purchase flow, so they went to open it, but after opening, they don't know how to operate and operate. They casually uploaded the product and didn't take care of it. After a few months of opening, the customer finds that love purchasing is not as good as others say, and then he will say that love purchasing is deceptive. Here, I want to say that no matter how good the platform is and how high the traffic is, you need to operate it. If you don't operate it and upload some products casually, you want to have traffic and customer inquiries? How can there be such a good thing in the world~
If you want to improve the inquiry rate, there are still many influencing factors. Next, let's explain some operation rules, ranking rules and pricing rules of love procurement, which are related to the inquiry rate.
AI procurement operation rules
1、 Love to write the title of purchasing products
The quality of the title writing of the product has an important impact on the ranking. It is generally recommended that the title writing method is product keywords + long tail keywords related to keywords. Keywords should be written according to the customer's search terms. Keywords cannot appear more than three times in a row in the title, otherwise they will be judged by the search engine to be intentional.
The title cannot be too long or too short. 20-30 words is preferred. Each title should be written around the core keywords. Importantly, the keywords of main products must be placed at the beginning of the title. Regional words, brand words and illegal advertising words shall not appear in the title.
2、 Requirements for purchasing product drawings
The pictures released by aigou are directly displayed in front of customers when searching keywords, so the quality of the pictures also determines whether customers are willing to click in and see. The pictures here are divided into two categories: one is the main picture of the product, and the other is the picture on the details page. The main drawing of the product shall be made in strict accordance with the ratio of 1:1. The white background is preferred, and the size is 750 * 750; No watermark on the picture; The picture on the product details page is slightly different from the main picture of the product. There are no requirements for the picture proportion and background color, but there should be no watermark. The picture on the details page can put more product details to enrich product information.
3、 I love the parameter writing of purchased products
If the product parameters are well written, they can add additional keyword weight. The product parameters should include enterprise brand and brand related parameters. As long as the parameters related to the currently released product title can be written, but do not write irrelevant ones. Do not write more parameters because they are good, otherwise the weight of the current keyword will be dispersed. As for the product parameters of aigou, there are mainly the following requirements. The price cannot be "0" and "1". The more complete the product origin, production process, purpose, packaging and other information, the better, which is conducive to transformation.
4、 How to write the detail page of love purchasing products
Many buyers don't pay much attention to the editing of the product details page, thinking that it's OK to do a good job in the title and picture. In fact, the details page is one of the links in the process of product transformation. When a user has browsed the product details page, it means that the user has begun to compare according to the product details. At this time, the more complete and rich the content in the details, the more it can promote the user to buy.
1. The product details page describes the core selling points of the product, so that customers can intuitively understand the advantages, characteristics and benefits of the product.
2. The pictures in the detail page should also be relevant to the current product, including the product (display diagram, detail diagram, scene diagram and advantage diagram), otherwise it is useless.
Baidu love purchasing ranking rules
1、 入驻百度爱采购时间:
1. Purchase time of Baidu love:
Settled earlier, there are some weak advantages, but not too obvious.
2、 产品信息的完善度:
2. Completeness of product information:
Each commodity has its own attributes. The more complete the parameters and detailed the information, the higher the ranking
3、 商家轮流展示:
3. Merchants show in turn:
Baidu love purchasing will screen out some businesses and show them in turn, so that each business can be presented in front of the purchaser
4、 百度全新智能排名:
4. Baidu new intelligent ranking:
Recommend closer suppliers according to the purchaser's geographical intelligence
5、 产品页面的综合指数:
5. Composite index of product page:
The click through rate, jump out rate, residence time and other factors of the product page.
6. 产品标题:
6. Product title:
Product titles play a vital role. Good titles can not only get good rankings, but also improve the number of hits.
Love purchase pricing method
商品浏览量高但询盘却很少的时候,很多卖家首先想到的是优化标题和图片,却很少关注到自己的定价。定价对销量的影响是非常重要的,并不是价格越低,就越受消费者喜欢。到底什么样的价格消费者更容易接受?不同的商品该如何定价? 这里为大家介绍几点百度爱采购定价的策略,帮助提升商品性价比。
When the number of commodity views is high but there are few inquiries, many sellers first think of optimizing the title and pictures, but pay little attention to their pricing. The impact of pricing on sales is very important, not that the lower the price, the more consumers like it. What kind of price is more acceptable to consumers? How should different goods be priced? Here are some strategies of Baidu love purchase pricing to help improve the cost performance of goods.
Five strategies for smart Pricing:
1. Analyze the market environment
Many channels can be seen in the search results of similar products in the market. When we search for a product, the number of products and stores displayed on the home page can judge whether the market is saturated. After reference and comparison, price your own goods.
2. Target audience
As a seller, the taboo is not familiar with their audience. At the beginning of planning, the store should be very clear about its own store user portrait, operate the store according to the user portrait, and set up targeted programs and activities. For example: buyers with high brand loyalty, buyers interested in low prices, etc.
3. Comply with pricing rules
The release of goods requires "market price > single purchase price > wholesale price". Although "low price = sales volume = profit", the premise is based on the quality of goods. In other words, the low price here is only the low price for commodity quality and a profit for buyers. This is the real cost performance and the commodity consumers are keen to buy. If only low-cost drainage is used, and buyers have a "sense of distrust" in the quality of goods, the gain is not worth the loss.
4. Different prices for similar commodities
Generally, stores are used to marking similar goods with the same price, which improves the efficiency of product release, but it will produce a sense of unity when shopping for consumers. If we refine and distinguish the characteristics of goods, increase the types of goods in stores, and mark different prices, so that customers have the opportunity to compare and increase the retention time, the corresponding conversion rate will be improved.
5. Skillfully using contrast method
Under the condition of ensuring the quality of goods, the price gap of goods with similar quality will be opened, and the goods with low price will be sold smoothly.