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Baidu Love Purchase is a new vertical search B2B platform launched by Baidu in 2019. Baidu Love Sourcing is a competitive platform at the same level as Alibaba and can coexist for a long time.
Its appearance is mainly to solve the problem of difficult exposure and customers' difficulty in finding corresponding products. It is cheaper than bidding and easier than optimization. It is also easier, more convenient and more trusted to find product channels for end customers. Through Baidu Love Purchase, you can directly access the product channels of the whole network.
According to the feedback from many customers, Baidu Love Sourcing is one of the best advertising platforms for industrial product promotion at present!
一,因为它是百度公司自己的平台 ,百度对它有流量支持。在百度首页输入任何一个关键词,几乎都有百度爱采购的排名及流量入口。
1、 Because it is Baidu's own platform, Baidu has traffic support for it. Enter any key word on Baidu's homepage, and almost all of them have Baidu Love's ranking and traffic portal.
2、 Its target is Alibaba ten years ago. If you send any product information, it can almost easily be found on Baidu's home page and Baidu Love's home page. You open the 6688 Integrity Link on Alibaba, which sends product information without paying for promotion. It is almost impossible for your products to reach Alibaba's home page.
3、 Baidu Love purchase is carried out synchronously on the PC side of the computer and the mobile side of the mobile phone. Customers can directly dial inquiries without entering a mobile phone number, greatly improving the efficiency of inquiries!
4、 Compared with similar advertising products on Baidu's home page, competitive advertising costs too much money, optimizing the official website takes too much time, and Baidu loves to spend small money on big things.
5、 Baidu Love Sourcing has buyers. Baidu Love Sourcing has got through. Baidu Search, Baidu app, and WeChat port enable buyers to reach Baidu Love Sourcing in all scenarios. Therefore, once settled in Baidu Love Sourcing, there is no need to worry about no buyer.
6、 Multi port enterprise exclusive business card. It is important to buy and sell trust in B-end business. If you enter Baidu Love Sourcing and Baidu searches for the name of the enterprise, you will see the enterprise certification card endorsed by Baidu, which will be naturally recognized by customers.
7、 Multi scene exposure. Once settled in Baidu Love Sourcing, Baidu will use all Baidu departments, all the scenes that can be exposed, including Aladdin cards, post bars, Baidu feed flow, etc., to push the settled products to more customers, so that customers really need to see the settled enterprises.
8、 Multi clue distribution. Baidu will use Baidu big data, phone, message, IM and other channels. Distribute the customer information that may become a buyer to the enterprises. All clues are not missed.
9、 Baidu Love has high purchasing efficiency. Baidu faces the whole country. There are dozens of Love Purchase TP service platforms, and many more. The secondary agents of the platform can provide agent operation services. In addition, Baidu Aigou has also opened up the entire WeChat ecosystem. No matter what port, you can find your own products and stores.
10、 Detailed data report. Exposure times, store entry clicks, phone calls, daily and weekly data monitoring details. Help the settled enterprises to monitor the effect and improve the transaction efficiency of the store.
11、 AI code implantation. As a member of the national team, Baidu AI and Code have implanted advanced AI and code into Baidu Love's procurement line at the beginning. It is convenient to match the trading information more accurately through AI analysis.
There are many things on the market. What are the six and eight rights of Baidu Love Purchase. I have displayed the specific advantages of Love Sourcing. That's all.
In addition, to put it in perspective, Baidu's Love Purchase is similar to Alibaba. Alibaba has been doing business for more than ten years. It is quite old and honest. The effect of the foreign trade platform may be better. For the domestic part, I believe you bosses also know that if you do not pay for the platform promotion, it is difficult for powerful merchants to spend money on Integrity Link. However, Baidu has vigorously supported Baidu Love Sourcing in the past two years. Why? It is really to create a new B-end ecology. At the beginning, it was effective and the cost was low. Do we have to settle down again after a while when the cost is high and all the enterprises in China have settled down? This time, Baidu is not finished, but is really doing this Baidu Love purchase. Even Alibaba's operation directors have gone to Baidu Love purchase to build a B-end kingdom with a new knife.
Feel that Baidu Love Purchase is really useful, so do it right away. It's useless, so don't regret it later.