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In the current era of e-commerce, B2B platforms have become an important bridge for transactions between enterprises. Baidu Love Procurement, as one of the leaders, provides enterprises with a high-quality channel to showcase products and expand the market.


However, how to stand out on such a fiercely competitive platform, improve operational efficiency, obtain more traffic, and achieve efficient conversion?


This article will conduct a detailed analysis from four perspectives: operation, ranking, traffic, and conversion.


1、 Operational strategy

1. 明确定位与目标:

1. Clear positioning and goals:


Before joining Baidu Love Procurement, companies should first clarify their market positioning and target customer groups. This helps with subsequent product displays and marketing strategy development.


For example, if a company primarily targets small and medium-sized manufacturers, product information and promotion strategies should focus on cost-effectiveness and practicality.

2. 优化店铺形象:

2. Optimize store image:


The appearance design of a store, the clarity and professionalism of products, and the level of detail in product descriptions all directly affect the purchasing decision of buyers.


Enterprises should invest resources to enhance the aesthetics and professionalism of their stores, such as enhancing the attractiveness of product displays through professional photography and copywriting.

3. 定期更新内容:

3. Regularly update content:


Regularly update product information, company updates, etc., maintain store activity, and increase user stickiness.


Publish industry information, technical articles, and other content to enhance the professional image of the store and attract potential customers.


2、 Improve ranking

1. 关键词优化:

1. Keyword optimization:


Conduct in-depth research on the keywords used by target customers during search, accurately locate keywords in product titles and descriptions, and improve search exposure.


Utilize the data analysis tools of Baidu Love Procurement Platform to continuously optimize keyword selection.

2. 提升店铺权重:

2. Increase store weight:


By improving the overall quality score of the store, including factors such as product quality, service quality, and transaction process, the weight of the store in platform search can be enhanced.


Encourage customers to leave positive reviews and improve the reputation of the store.

3. 做好关联营销:

3. Do a good job in related marketing:


If the product is associated with certain popular products or purchasing trends, this can be utilized to increase the click through rate of the product.


Reasonably set product categories and recommend combinations to increase the associated sales opportunities of products.


3、 Traffic acquisition

1. 搜索引擎优化(SEO):

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


In addition to internal optimization on Baidu's Love Procurement platform, external SEO methods can also be used to enhance the online visibility of stores and products.


Build friendly external links and website structures to increase the chances of being indexed by search engines.

2. 广告投放:

2. Advertising placement:


Utilize Baidu Love Procurement's advertising placement system to accurately target customer groups and enhance product and brand exposure.


Adjust advertising placement strategies based on data analysis to ensure maximum advertising effectiveness.

3. 社交媒体推广:

3. Social media promotion:



Although the title does not mention content such as Weibo, companies can still use other social media platforms for content sharing and promotion, indirectly guiding traffic to Baidu's Love Procurement store.


By creating valuable content such as industry reports, user tutorials, etc., attract the attention of potential customers.


4、 Improve conversion rate

1. 提供详细准确的产品信息:

1. Provide detailed and accurate product information:


Ensure accurate and detailed product descriptions, reduce customer inquiries, and improve the conversion rate of self-service purchases.


Provide high-definition, multi angle products and videos to enhance customer trust in the products.

2. 优化购物流程和用户体验:

2. Optimize shopping process and user experience:


Simplify the purchasing process and reduce the obstacles that customers may encounter during the purchasing process.


Provide multiple payment methods and flexible logistics delivery options to meet the diverse needs of customers.

3. 强化客户服务:

3. Strengthen customer service:


Provide real-time online consultation and after-sales service to solve problems encountered by customers during the purchase and use process.


Regularly follow up with customers, collect feedback, and continuously optimize products and services.

4. 促销活动:

4. Promotion activities:


Regularly carry out promotional activities, such as limited time discounts, full discounts, etc., to stimulate customers' purchasing desire.


Implement a membership system to increase customer stickiness and increase repurchase rates through points, coupons, and other means.


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